Otaniemi GayDay 2022

Date: July 3rd at 14:00
Price: free

Otaniemi’s most glittery summer party is here again, when Otaniemi GayDay takes over at the end of Pride week! The event is organized by GAYY ry, a rainbow student organization founded in 2013, which aims to bring together Aalto’s LGBTQ students, provide them with a safe space and promote their well-being and success at the university. GayDay is an annual event that aims to bring LGBTQ + university students under one roof. The event includes casual hanging out, competitions, bingo, music and snacks. This year, GayDay will be open to all metropolitan rainbow university students.

So grab a friend and head to Smökki in Otaniemi! Please act according to safe space guidelines and contact us in case of harassment.

Eurovision watching party

Wind machines are alreayd starting up and triple modulations echoing all the way from Turin. Oh yasss Eurovision week is upon us! Come to Kaappi on Saturday 15.4. to cheer your favorite to victory or your least favorite to the last place!

WHAT? Eurovision watching party
WHEN? Sat 14.5. from 8pm (grand final at 10pm ->)
WHERE? Otakaari 20 – Kaappi – GAYY club room


Rainbow sitsit – Passion play edition 🌈

Your secular quest continues. Everything feels numb except the joyful pain life gives to one. Thorny whip lashing the bare butt check, endless pandemic, world shattering around you while trying to stich its pieces together, crusty loaf of bread, shitty wine. Make it stop already!??!

After the Easter week, GAYY gathers together to ponder the true spirit of Easter, suffering and passion, in the form of Rainbow sitsit. General state of the world, piling deadlines, that ghosting dickhead from Grindr, you name it – come and manifest all the agony out of your soul on Good Friday 15th April! Location Otaranta club room.

WHAT? Rainbow sitsit – Passion play edition 🌈
WHEN? Fri April 15th at 6 pm (gong 6.30 pm)
WHERE? Otaranta club room (Otaranta 8B)
PRICE? 15€
SIGN UP? Tommorrow Tue 29th March at noon

Sign up is binding. Sign up opens on Tue 29th March and closes on Wed 6th April. Capacity 40 people.

© GAYY ry, 2022