angel food cake, vanilla pudding

Add remaining, In a small mixer bowl, ... until smooth. Ingredients: 4 (cake.. whip...) Add, Mix jello according to instructions. Ingredients: 7 (cake .. cream .. milk .. vanilla ...) 5. (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, in it own juice, drained, reserving juice. Bake angel food cake or buy one. (8 ounce) container whipped topping, thawed (I use Cool Whip ) NUTRITION INFO. Break cake into 2-inch pieces. Add sour cream and vanilla. Do not refrigerate. 1. Mix, MOTHER'S HOMEMADE POLISH NOODLES (KLUSKI). Serving Size: 1 (1548) g. (5 1/8 ounce) box vanilla instant pudding mix. Prepare angel food cake. This angel food cake dessert uses cubes of ready made angel food cake, layered in a pan with a vanilla pudding cream, cherry pie filling and cool whip. Ingredients: 4  (blueberries .. cake .. whip ...), Ingredients: 8  (cake .. cream .. jello .. milk .. strawberries ...), Ingredients: 8  (banana .. cake .. ground .. strawberries ...), Ingredients: 6  (cake .. jello .. strawberries .. whip ...), Ingredients: 5  (cream .. milk .. pieces ...), Ingredients: 7  (cake .. cream .. milk .. vanilla ...), Break up half of cake ... all. ... sides with whipped cream. Mix pudding with milk. 1. In a small mixer bowl, ... until smooth. angel food cake, prepared. 1. Slice cake in 3 layers put filling between and on top. Cook vanilla pudding ahead and let it set.... pineapple. It resembles a bread pudding but … ANGEL SURPRISE DESSERT. Fold into cake pieces.

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