best time to visit zion narrows

Bottom-up is the best choice for the first-time river hikers and people who don't have too much time to enjoy the park. The Narrows, Zion National Park: Address, Phone Number, The Narrows Reviews: 5/5. Visit Orderville Canyon too, if you have the time. In its upper canyon, the river dashes through an abrupt defile called The Narrows, a deep, narrow slot canyon with a gradient as steep as 80 feet per mile. Take a lesson from the local wildlife and hike in the cool of the mornings and evenings, and rest in the shade during the heat of the day. As the Virgin River meanders through the spectacular Zion Canyon, it tapers to its narrowest point at a section that is aptly called The Narrows. 16 miles of difficult hiking in one day? In the summer, a National Weather Service Flash Flood Warning will close The Narrows when thunderstorms are dumping rain into The Narrows, or into the headwaters 20 miles north of the park... but, the Park does not "gate" The Narrows closed. To avoid snakebites always watch where you put your hands and feet and avoid reaching into dark places or overturning boulders. Fall colors in Zion Canyon are usually best viewed in late October. Narrows Equipment: Dry Pants Package or Warm Weather Package, © 2019 ZION OUTFITTER 7 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, Utah. WINTER: NOVEMBER 1 - MARCH 15Winter is a great time to visit the Zion Narrows, though specialized equipment is required to stay warm. Early spring (late March, April) can still be chilly, but snowmelt often forms beautiful waterfalls in Zion Canyon. The best time to make fascinating light pics is usually between 10 am and 3 pm during the summer season. And we will NEVER EVER pass your info to any other outfit, no matter how worthy. May is one of my favorite months, filled with balmy temperatures and beautiful wildflowers. The most important advice during any time of the year at The Narrows is to keep an eye out for rainstorms, which can lead to flash flooding. There are only 12 campsites available, so only 12 permits are issued each day. HIGH SUMMER: MAY 15 - SEPTEMBER 15 High summer is the best time to through-hike the Narrows. Her blog, NearandFarAZ gives readers an insider's view of the wonders of the U.S. Southwest, and a traveler's take on far-off locales from Panama to Hong Kong to the Czech Republic. Long days, pleasant weather and reduced crowds make spring a great time to visit Zion. The best time of year to attempt The Narrows hike is in late spring or summer, when the water is at its warmest and the water level is at its lowest. The river corridor is narrow and after the first two miles, provides no ecologically sound place to leave your crap. Visit the official Imlay Canyon Gear website, where you can really dork out. After Labor Day, crowds and temperatures drop, making September a wonderful month to visit Zion. The CUSA Store features the entire line of Imlay products. In late September/early October daytime temperatures are often divine. Wait, wait, and wait. To escape the sweltering heat and tourist hordes in Zion Canyon, head to lesser known, higher elevation parts of the park like Kolob Terrace and Kolob Canyons, which are gorgeous in summer. Through hikers will want to carry a warm hat.Keeping Stuff Dry – Anything valuable – wallet, camera, car keys – ought to be fully protected from immersion, as even the most nimble hiker can trip and fall into the river at any time. It allowed me to take photos without removing the phone, and it kept the phone out of the water. More time if you want to explore further and go to Big Springs. Most late summer afternoons have a chance of rain in the forecast. Ice falling off the walls can also be a hazard. Makes a wonderful half-day or full-day hike with easy logistics. From the trailhead, the easy Riverside Trail follows the bank of the river for about a mile. To protect it, I bought a waterproof phone holder that I could wear around my neck. This trail will take you from the Temple of Sinawava via the Riverside Walk to the section, known as Wall Street where the walls are higher than 600 metres. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons in Zion. Spring has reduced crowds and great temperatures, but snow and snowmelt can keep parts of the park closed, including The Narrows. The estimated hiking time is anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. Desert water sources may run dry for part of the year and often contain exotic microbes that can cause intestinal disorders. All Rights Reserved. Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about how to visit Zion responsibly and the principles of Forever Mighty. Thus, the water level should always be checked in the visitor centre while planning the hike. The national park’s website notes that the water depth can vary from season to season and from day to day, depending on rainfall and snowfall. Car spot or shuttle required to Chamberlains Ranch. That means getting on the park’s first shuttle in the morning -- usually at about 6 or 7 a.m. My group chose to hike The Narrows from the bottom up -- a day hike that does not require a permit. These can be rented in Springdale, but call ahead as outfitters may not keep regular hours in the off-season. Zion, Springdale, Narrows outfitting, canyoneering equipment, backpacking, hiking pole, camping, gear shop. One is 33 miles east of Interstate 15 and the other is 12 miles west of U.S. 89. The walls have smooth, plain faces and are everywhere very regular and vertical for a thousand feet or more, where they seem to break back in shelving slopes to higher altitudes; and everywhere as we go along we find springs bursting out at the foot of the walls, and, passing these, the river above becomes steadily smaller; the great body of water, which runs below, bursts out from beneath this great bed of red sandstone; as we go up the canyon, it comes to be but a creek, and then a brook. Always check the weather before heading into the Narrows. This is a great time to visit the park’s higher, cooler, less-crowded destinations: East Zion, Kolob Terrace, and Kolob Canyons. Although the bottom-up option is the most popular -- and the easiest -- option for hiking The Narrows, there is also the top-down version, which involves a 16-mile downstream hike from Chamberlain’s Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava shuttle stop. Unfortunately, big snow years can also limit high elevation hiking and keep The Narrows closed until June due to heavy runoff. Learn more about overnight options in Zion. This is a great time to visit the park’s higher, cooler, less-crowded destinations: East Zion, Kolob Terrace, and Kolob Canyons. Hiking The Narrows is an enchanting experience. Campsites are assigned for overnight visitors, and there are a limited number of sites. Flash floods tend to build – they start with a modest increase in flow. Although I didn’t find The Narrows as strenuous as hikes over steep terrain, walking in the water did get tiring after a few miles. This practice will also help you avoid scorpions, most of which have painful stings. Most times of year, you won't even need a tent! Regardless how far you go, it will be a hike to remember. There, the luminous blue-green water of the river -- a Wild and Scenic waterway -- is bracketed by 1,000-foot-high rock walls. ... At the time of our visit the crowds were minimal. Spring and fall have the more moderate weather and might be the best time to visit Zion. The deeper water will also make it harder to see the rocks that line the bottom of the riverbed. We got very lucky! Keep in mind that trails can become icy with possible closures of the Riverside Walk. “This is the most famous backcountry area of Zion, and for good reason,” says the state’s tourism website. Specialized gear for extraordinary places. Hiking through the virgin river in the Narrows was a unique experience and one of the best hikes of zion national park. Doesn't help that I don't like getting up early. Get an early start, be prepared for heat, and bring sunscreen. The Virgin River is high and cold, fed by melting snow in the headwaters to the north. Those who try to out-run the flood usually fail. We visited Zion National Park in July. Narrows closures occur when the river is running above 150CFS (120CFS for top-down). It is best to decide beforehand how far you’re comfortable going on the hike. Hiking away from the canyon walls is recommended due to falling ice. Narrows Conditions:  Park visitation picks up in March as schools let out for Spring Break. My group didn’t venture far into the slot canyon, but what we saw was amazing. Hikers from the bottom are not supposed to go above Big Springs – and really, there is no real good reason to do so, as extra time is better spent enjoying Orderville Canyon.Permits for the Zion Narrows hike are only issued the day before the start of your hike.

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