birch benders paleo mug cake

Meghan Markle {soon to be married to Prince Harry} is in it and now I'm obsessed with all things royal. Single serving chocolate cake in under 5 min and no clean up? You might be Jesus. I’m never going back. I had some of the Birch Bender paleo pancake mix on hand, and decided to see how a mug cake would turn out with it today. When you’re single, you can make yourself paleo cake in a mug, on a Sunday afternoon, and no one can tell you any different. I’m working on an almond flour version to post ASAP. Thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Their coconut flour is light and fresh. I have an allergy to walnuts. It came out very cakey, and I topped it with some Walden Farms pancake syrup. I can’t even contain my excitement about this Banana Chocolate Chip MUG CAKE! It's not that interesting nor a good story, but I tried. But I may still go ‘cos I need to try this amazingly simple chocolate fix. . Made these two days in a row now as an afternoon snack, and I’m already craving another. This idea was not mine. Used coconut oil instead of walnut and used a food processor to make some of my own almond meal and it was BRILLIANT! Again. Obsessed with these. My work days have been boring as hell without your constantly varied humor mixed in. You made my day! Eating this with a glass of Chameleon Cold Brew as we speak! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ingredients: 2 eggs. Sugar Detox Pumpkin Cake in a Mug with Chocolate Whip, Thanksgiving Vanilla Bean Caramel Apple Cider Sparkling Cocktail,,, Hey Julie! Love it! Yeah, well, thanks for the therapy session here. Who knows. Where Can I Find Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix? Can I Substitute Anything For The Pancake Mix? . Use coupon code FORGETSUGARFRIDAY for 10% off. Thank goodness for being single. Can I substitute anything for the honey to make it 21dsd friendly?? P.S. Completely dependent on your site. And if you aren’t following me, come say hi! We both thank you! S u c c e s s!!!!! Thanks so much for your support meeshell!! But I haven’t messed about with it. Related Recipes . Your email address will not be published. , Thanks, CC! Delicious! Win a $50 ChocZero Gift Card! i’m not sure what went wrong. This website contains affiliate links. you are great! I am Pooh bear when it comes to honey *roar* so I don’t keep any in the house. I would love tosee your creations! OMG! Duh. Not as good as the classic chocolate cake but man, 3 min prep? I too am single and have found that the cleaner I eat the worse it hurts when I booze it up in my all-too-rare-thesedays nights out on the town. This easy keto low carb Pancake Mug Cake is SO good that it will make getting out of bed every morning a total breeze. We are doing a kitchen remodel and I will be without an oven for a few weeks. Place the mug in the microwave for one minute on high. (If you need another reason to get out of bed in the morning, try my roundup of 17 must-try keto breakfast recipes!). Definitely enough for 2! Kept seeing pancake commercials on TV last night. I used coconut oil instead of walnut, half the amount of agave nectar instead of honey (I really dislike honey, unfortunately), and cayenne instead of cinnamon, and loved the result. has anyone tried baking it? I had some of the Birch Bender paleo pancake mix on hand, and decided to see how a mug cake would turn out with it today. <3. Thank you!!! Have you seen it? I’ve tried several coconut flour brands, and TerraSoul is my favorite so far. Thank you so much for the review, Caitlin! So I was surprised at how could the macros are and how delicious this is. The taste is incomparable to many mug cakes, and it taste like a normal mug cake. I’m trying it again today though, so we’ll see what happens , Yep. (Especially when served cut in half — I’ll share photos of that version soon.) I’m anti-microwave in my home. In a small bowl, combine coconut flour, Swerve, and baking powder. Great idea, thank you! Birch Benders just-add-water Pancake & Waffle Mixes, Toaster Waffles, and Cups have it all: convenience, deliciousness, and quality. Craving a pancake and made this and it was delicious!!! Wiccccked!! Everyone has to have a treat now and then.This is so simple and oh so good! I also subbed Agave in version 2.0, because that’s what I had. nice job on the cake and remaking the cake. With keto, paleo, and vegan options, we're bringing people together, making your favorite foods better, and filling your days with stacks of fun. Here are the ingredients you’ll need: Ingredient quantities are located in the recipe card at the end of the post. I have been craving pancakes and none of the keto recipes are very good. The added some soft butter to them and poured them over the pancake. Being single is so fantastic. Not a "keto" mug cake. Hi Sandi, Those food commercials are brutal! This was amazing! I also added about 1/8t. My friend told me about your website and all I have to say is she is getting a seriously large birthday your writing style as well Thanks!! Hi Jeancy, Thank you so much for the review! Many of the product links you see on Forget Sugar Friday are affiliate links, which means a small commission is received for referring the product to you, but at no extra cost to you. We failed at this last night. Or maybe it’s the brands of what I’m using. Maybe I'll try this on a Sat night instead of the pint of coconut milk ice cream I tend to knockout in one sitting.

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