climate of bangladesh paragraph

It is a land of green forests, trees, hills and vales, rivers, marshes and canals, wide-open meadows, etc. Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon-type climate, with a hot and rainy summer and a dry winter. [2]:7, In the 2017 edition of Germanwatch's Climate Risk Index, Bangladesh was judged to be the sixth hardest hit by climate calamities of 180 nations during the period 1996–2015. Moreover, the Copenhagen Accord (COP 15) also pledges US$100 million of public and private finance by 2020, mostly to developing nations. Students should be careful to protect the environment and raise awareness. Global worming is the main natural reason and using harmful chemicals in every day life the main reason created by man. January tends to be the coolest month and May the warmest. Furthermore, this funding will be balanced between mitigation and infrastructure adaptation in various sectors including forestry, science, technology and capacity building. Nice. Students especially reading in secondary or higher secondary levels often search for Climate Change paragraph and a good paragraph can help them attain the desired result. JSC, SSC, HSC, and higher-level students surely find i... Dear student, this is a paragraph on e-learning . These people will become refugees of climate change. Climate change impacts include temperature rise, greenhouse and carbon dioxide gas emissions,irregular rainfall, the rise of floods, cyclones, storm surges and draught, ice sheets melting which will seriously Affect agriculture and livelihoods. Required clothing:Lightweight cotton clothing is advised throughout the year, with an umbrella or raincoat for the monsoon season. Students especially reading in secondary or higher secondary levels often search for Climate Change paragraph and a good paragraph can help them attain the desired result. The cyclone of November 1970, in which about 500,000 lives were lost in Bangladesh, was one of the worst natural disasters of the country in the 20th century. The climate of Bangladesh is subtropical in the center-north and tropical in the south, with a pleasantly warm and sunny winter from November to February, a short hot spring between March and May, and a long rainy season from June to October due to the summer monsoon. Warmer clothes are needed in the evenings during the cool season. Lightweight cottons and linens throughout the year. There are three distinct seasons in Bangladesh: a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon season from June to October; and a cool, dry winter from October to March. This funding is available for developing nations to build their capacity to reduce emissions and responds to impacts of climate change. This paragraph is written with Bangla meaning for your c... Today we are going to learn how to write a short paragraph on Diaspora . Read about how we use cookies. causes of climate change, climate change effects and necessary measures to reduce the impacts. The cause of climate change can be divided into two categories those are due to natural causes,and those are created by the man. With the industrial revolution, millions of factories are set up and they are emitting chemicals that are very harmful to nature. Be careful when you travel around in the coastal areas of Bangladesh in this period, and try to follow the weather forecasts carefully. According to National Geographic, Bangladesh is one the most vulnerable nations to the impacts of climate change. What problem will Bangladesh face as a result of climate change? In most countries like Bangladesh, yields from rain-fed agriculture was predicted to be reduced to 50% by 2020. [2]:230, Climate change has caused many citizens of Bangladesh to migrate and by 2013 already 6.5 million people had been displaced. In an effort to achieve middle income country status by 2021, the government is focusing on increasing agriculture production, productivity, water management techniques, surface water infrastructure, irrigation, fisheries, and promoting poultry and dairy development. climate change Paragraph: Climate change is the most serious issue at the moment over the world. [3]:6, Low-lying coastal regions, such as Bangladesh, are vulnerable to sea level rise[4] and the increased occurrence of intense, extreme weather conditions such as the cyclones of 2007–2009, as well as the melting of polar ice. The cool season is between November and early March. As a result of global warming, different natural calamities like floods, cyclones, drought will occur and they will take thousands of lives. Global warming is the main culprit for climate change. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes weekly travel news, features and quizzes. 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