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OK, so where to after the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS mini-series or hardcover? KEEP READING: Dark Nights: Death Metal Sales Numbers Are Better Than Snyder Expected. Titans will be tested, hearts will be broken, and blood will be spilled! Now, after the culmination of things like YEAR OF THE VILLAIN (which recently exploded with the 1st appearance of PUNCHLINE), and many other key moments in the DC Universe, the world of DEATH METAL is coming to deliver a Crisis — or maybe even an Anti-Crisis — that will leave the DC Universe forever changed! In her quest for power and dominance, she rules absolutely and in totality, using her children—the Monitors and Anti-Monitors—as her heralds and destructors. New: Free Process Maker For employers with recurring business processes. Dark Nights: Death Metal as an Anti-Crisis? He … Thankfully, Wally has backup in the form of Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wallace West! That is what everyone asked when they saw 5G. Dark Nights: Death Metal Guidebook. It’s familiar ground, expanding on the ideas of Hell Arisen and Dark Nights: Metal. The Batman Who Laughs: a lunatic driven mad by his world’s Joker. Each Generation issue would redefine the DC timeline, slowly altering it to a new era. Are you planning changes for the holiday season due to Covid-19? The Dawnbreaker: a twisted Green Lantern.The Murder Machine: a deranged, deadly cyborg.The Merciless: a warrior who wears the helmet of Ares.The Devastator: a part-human, part-Doomsday monster. The road to Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen and beyond starts here! Once you’ve caught up on all things METAL, there’s two routes you can go to stay current on everything leading into DEATH METAL! Back in 2017, the creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo crafted the hugely successful Dark Nights: Metal.Massive in scale and bombastic in attitude, it has gone onto be one of the most well-received comic book events in a very long time. John is a long-time pop culture fan, comics historian, and blogger. Please create an account or login to use this feature. DC Multiverse - Basic Series Released in 2020 by McFarlane . Incentive Midnight Release Black & White Variant Cover, Greg Capullo Exclusive Half B&W Sketch Variant, Greg Capullo Exclusive Blue Virgin Variant, Forbidden Planet Color Virgin Variant by Jock, Forbidden Planet Blood Red Variant by Jock, Fried Pie Variant by Cliff Chiang - Black & White, Fried Pie Variant by Cliff Chiang - Virgin Cover, Midtown Exclusive Simon Bisley Variant Cover, Aspen Michael Turner Exclusive Connecting Virgin Variant - Superman, Aspen Michael Turner Exclusive Connecting Variant - Batman, Aspen Michael Turner Exclusive Connecting Virgin Variant - Wonder Woman, ZMX Comics Dustin Nguyen Variant Black & White, Comicxposure Tim Bradstreet Virgin Joker Variant, Comic Hero U Joe Benitez Black & White Variant, Bulletproof Comix Dell'Otto Black & White Variant, Bulletproof Comix Dell'Otto Virgin Variant, Comic Mint Francesco Mattina Color Variant, Comic Mint Francesco Mattina Color Virgin Variant, Comic Mint Francesco Mattina Color Virgin Unmasked Variant, Comic Mint Francesco Mattina Black & White Variant, Comic Mint Francesco Mattina Black & White Virgin Variant, KRS Comics "Heavy Metal" jock Blue Variant, KRS Comics "Heavy Metal" jock Red Virgin Variant, Unknown Comics Exclusive Tyler Kirkham Variant, Unknown Comics Exclusive Tyler Kirkham Batman & Wonder Woman Virgin Variant, Unknown Comics Exclusive Tyler Kirkham Virgin Variant, Unknown Comics Exclusive Tyler Kirkham Color Your Own Variant, Most Good Hobby Eric Basaldua Color Variant, Most Good Hobby Eric Basaldua Black & White Variant, Most Good Hobby Eric Basaldua Color Virgin Variant, Dark Nights Metal Soundtrack Variant Cover, Posted in Comic Book Checklists. Dark Nights: Death Metal #1. DC Comics Universe / Multiverse Ending Crisis Kicks Off With Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, A Checklist With A Catch, 11 Variant Covers, A Preview & Teases From The Writer! It goes up through October.1/3 pic.twitter.com/nGVOMaDLGr, RELATED: Death Metal: Trinity Crisis, Speed Metal & Multiverse's End Join DC Event. Enter one of the most punishing Batmen of the Dark Multiverse: the Grim Knight! Here is a complete master checklist of all the covers to Batman's Dark Nights: Metal #1. It’s a knockdown, drag-out race through the Wastelands as the Flash Family tries to stay steps ahead of the Darkest Knight and his Lightning Knights! Meanwhile, here’s my original one, rejected by our boys. Cover thumbnails are used for identification purposes only. Of which there’ll be plenty, as DC have released the official checklist for the upcoming series, affected titles and one-shots for Batman’s Metal adventure. If you're so inclined, you can follow Jon on Twitter at @JonArvedon. John Babos | June 15, 2020 | | No Comments. ORIGINAL: DC Comics Universe / Multiverse Ending Crisis Kicks Off With Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, A Checklist With A Catch, 11 Variant Covers, … Contact us. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, King in Black: One Avengers Villain Began Fighting Knull YEARS Ago, Green Arrow: How Oliver Queen Almost Became a Werewolf, The New Batman Is Out Of Control, But Robin Still Won't Tattle On Him, Taskmaster & Bullseye: Marvel's Deadliest Assassins Had the Most Unlikely Shooting Contest, Spider-Man's Deadliest Enemy Enlists His Closest Friend to Save Him, Marvel's February Includes a New X-Men Series, and Lots of King in Black Tie-Ins, Wolverine Just Relived One of the Worst Moments of His Life, Superman Gives a Lethal Villain an Ominous Ultimatum. The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel must journey into the depths of Gotham City to learn which of their fellow heroes have become the horrifying horsemen of their most dangerous and deranged foe ever, with Shazam!, Supergirl, and more transformed into their twisted Dark Multiverse reflections. Are you the kind of reader that wants the entire shebang? Based on the previous version of the checklist, which is shown the photo Snyder tweeted, two of the specials planned for October and beyond include Last 52 and Robin King, though there are currently no details on what those books would entail. SUPERMAN is imprisoned, cursed to be a living battery for the Earth’s sun — for eternity. – and “DM: Metalverse Guidebook” (which explores the changed world of DM, from New Apokolips to Starro Canyon). Death Metal: [SPOILER] Is Back & He's Lobo's New Partner, Iron Man: Tony Stark Has a Different Kind of God Complex. Spammy checklists will be deleted, Copy this checklist Share URL Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman amp up their power to launch an assault on Castle Bat, and that’s just the warm-up act! The only thing that could stop her are the forces of the Dark Multiverse- which means it’s Luthor’s mission to defeat the Batman Who Laughs! At the heart of DEATH METAL, Wonder Woman alongside Batman, must rise to the task of changing the world they’ve been given by the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS. 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