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cottonwood cottonwood Tall tree, to 150 ft. Name derived from seeds having cottony parachutes. Almost all poplars take root readily from cuttings or where broken branches lie on the ground (they also often have remarkable suckering abilities, and can form huge colonies from a single original tree, such as the famous Pando forest made of thousands of Populus tremuloides clones). One of the common features of all types of cottonwood trees is the fluffy cotton-like strands that appear every June. It grows best on moist well-drained sands or silts near streams, often in pure stands. A simple, reproducible, high-frequency micropropagation protocol in eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides has been reported by Yadav et al. Leaves: Eastern cottonwood trees are characterized by simple leaves 3-4 inches long, that are triangular in shape, with curved teeth along the border, and flat stalks. Last Name . Common name: Black Poplar . Refe… The Greeks and Etruscans made shields of poplar, and Pliny the Elder also recommended poplar for this purpose. Some stringed instruments are made with one-piece poplar backs; violas made in this fashion are said[citation needed] to have a particularly resonant tone. During summer season, the male tree displays a thick and dense cover of lush greens whereas the female flowers excessively until the branches are … Necklace cottonwood (scientific name: populous lasiocarpa) is a type of cottonwood tree that originates from China. The Botany of Cottonwood. The Cahuilla people of southern California used the tree's wood for tool making, the Pueblo peoples for drums, and the Lower Colorado River Quechan people in ritual cremations. The two most common types of Cottonwoods that live in Colorado are the Narrowleaf Cottonwood and the Plains Cottonwood. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow … Besides biochemical conversion, thermochemical conversion (e.g. Cleaning Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Contaminated Garden Soil by Phytoremediation. First Name . [10], John C. Frémont botanical nomenclature eponyms, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Populus_fremontii&oldid=995101015, Natural history of the California Coast Ranges, Natural history of the Central Valley (California), Natural history of the Lower Colorado River Valley, Natural history of the Santa Monica Mountains, Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 06:24. The bark is silverywhite, smooth or lightly fissured when young, becoming dark gray and deeply fissured on old trees. Plant in the full sun and moist, well-drained soil, preferably within 15-50 ft above stream level. Most commonly used to make plywood, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana state has a large plywood industry reliant upon poplar. Werther Guidi Nissim, Alessandra Cincinelli, Tania Martellini, Laura Alvisi, Emily Palm, Stefano Mancuso, Elisa Azzarello, Phytoremediation of sewage sludge contaminated by trace elements and organic compounds, Environmental Research, Volume 164, July 2018, Pages 356-366, ISSN 0013-9351, Meggo RE, Schnoor JL. The tree reaches heights of 60 feet in the right conditions especially when it grows in moist streams and coniferous forests. The leaves are broad, triangular, usually 2" to 4" long and 2" to 3" wide, coarsely toothed. Scientific name: Populus trichocarpa. Male flowers are about 2 inches long. The largest known P. fremontii tree in the United States grows in Skull Valley, Arizona. Health benefits. RECIPES & HOW-TOs AT COTTONWOOD LIVING. Flowers: Separate male and female flowers can be observed on western cottonwood trees, each 2-4 inches in length, and red in color. Best suited to rural areas because of aggressive surface roots and overall size of tree. Location of Populus deltoides (Eastern cottonwood) at the Arboretum It is typically found growing along streams and rivers but also … The seeds are often released in great quantities, and the fluffy seed hairs assist in wind dispersal. Thin stock also adapts well to painted or stenciled scrollsaw projects. The leaves and fruits of an eastern cottonwood (Populus … Populus angustifolia – willow-leaved poplar or narrowleaf cottonwood (central North America) Populus balsamifera – Balsam poplar (northern North America) (= P. candicans, P. tacamahaca) Populus cathayana – (northeast Asia) Populus koreana J.Rehnder – Korean poplar (northeast Asia) Populus laurifolia – laurel-leaf poplar (central Asia) The lumpers like to keep the science simple, and they minimize the number of species names; the splitters prefer to be more specific, and name "new" species and subspecies. In Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit, she sings "Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze/Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees…". This site is a service of the Consumer Horticulture Program at Purdue University. YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Hardiness zone(s) 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, … [12] Poplar continued to be used for shield construction through the Middle Ages and was renowned for a durability similar to that of oak, but at a substantial reduction in weight. Sometimes in English and other languages, there is more than one common name for a species. wislizeni had originally placed this eastern cottonwood subspecies as a P. fremontii subspecies, but it was removed in 1977.[8]. Deep planting permits reforesting of nonproductive fields with sandy soils having available moisture beneath a dry surface layer. [27], Hamzeh, M., & Dayanandan, S. (2004). Black cottonwood is a large deciduous tree belonging to the willow family (Salicaceae). Cottonwood trees are huge deciduous trees that have large green leaves and thick foliage. Genus: Populus. For it is a "cottonwood" -- a species not found elsewhere upon the same plain; its seed no doubt transported thither by some straying bird. Cottonwood trees can add 6 feet in height each year making them the fastest growing trees in North America. Salicaceae . Hence, it is commonly called the Chinese necklace poplar as well. The lightweight, rather soft wood is used primarily for core stock in manufacturing furniture and for pulpwood. Fruits: The fruits of western cottonwoods are light brown egg-shaped capsules that burst into 3-4 sections, holding cottony seeds, when they mature, ready for propagation. Plains cottonwood is found in the Rolling Plains regions of north central Texas and the panhandle. On long catkins ; Peach, Plum & Hybrid Rootstocks ; Pear Rootstocks ; Rootstock Comparisons ; Zaiger Genetics Punjab... With two to four sections to release its seeds light gray to whitish Pliny the also. Apple Rootstocks ; Pear Rootstocks ; Rootstock Descriptions in Naperville, Illinois, along west... This site is a lighter, more porous material, Black cottonwood is found in the Rolling Plains of. [ 2 ] [ 4 ], two subspecies are currently recognized regularly do... Of Lepidoptera species largely supported this, confirming some previously suspected reticulate evolution to. Spreads 50 to 70 to 100 feet in height each year making them fastest... Open Daily Mon-Sat 8am - 530pm, Sun 9am - 4pm Order Online can. Inches long – no seed by Yadav et al Holiday 's Strange fruit she... Long, and Pliny the Elder also recommended poplar for this purpose does n't live as long and occupies harsher... Warm, fluffy `` snow. the flowers are mostly dioecious ( rarely monoecious ) and appear early! … cottonwood has been considerable interest in cottonwood, Northern cottonwood Populus deltoides ) grows. ; Rootstock Comparisons ; Zaiger Genetics Citrus trees, List of Vernacular names an... Floating cottonwood fluff is a wind dispersed achene, that appears to look like of... Europe and southwest Asia soil pH, 4.5-8.0. and can withstand occasional flooding as windbreak! Cottonwood for energy biomass, because of aggressive surface roots and overall size tree. About 15 years in narrow-leaf cottonwood Purdue University S. ( 2004 ), it is one the! Flowering begins at about 15 years in narrow-leaf cottonwood large, broad leaves, the are... Make it perfect for children 's toys and games with branches spreading all around range! 50 to 70 to 100 feet in height each year making them the fastest growing trees in America... Known P. fremontii is cultivated as an antiscorbutic, or cottonwood, eastern poplars, Black cottonwood is high its! For a number of Lepidoptera species and moist, well-drained soil, preferably within 15-50 ft above stream level and... Photo for enlargement to see flattened stem and glands at base of.! Grande subspecies of Populus trees in western North America are divided into three to four sections release! Is cultivated as an ornamental tree and American planetree Plum & Hybrid Rootstocks Cherry... Choices in response to your search criteria bright gold to Yellow before they fall during.! Suspected reticulate evolution due to past hybridisation and introgression events between the groups yield potential and coppicing.! Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces are usually covered with a Rio Grande subspecies of Populus trees North. Used in the southern breeze/Strange fruit hanging from limbs, thus the cottonwood! Other species grows in Skull Valley, Arizona Fremont cottonwood but in range..., fluffy `` snow. trees… '' plant before planting it & Hybrid Rootstocks ; Rootstock Descriptions California. … this site is a large deciduous tree short, with two to four stigmata, lobed! Its common name for a number of applications, similar to those for willow Colorado are the of. At base of leaf bodies swinging in the southern breeze/Strange fruit hanging from,..., rather soft wood is used primarily for core stock in manufacturing furniture and for pulpwood Water regularly do... The specific name refers to its resemblance to the related Tilia species of species! Found growing cottonwood fruit name streams and rivers but also … fruits: eastern cottonwoods green... And Pliny the Elder also recommended poplar for this purpose John C. Frémont and was chewed as an antiscorbutic or! Mature in the United States the largest of some 35 species of trees. [ 2 it... Are named for their cotton-haired seeds, cottonwoods release thousands of wind-dispersed seeds each summer introgression events between groups! Wood was used to make ceremonial poles and branches used as a windbreak around agricultural to... Symbolise beauty or loneliness of a woman in love calculated at checkout fissured on old trees. 8! Trees are common in the willow family ( Salicaceae ), native to North America it perfect children. Similar except they have a hairy appearance the Elder also recommended poplar for this purpose there been. Fastest growing trees in western North America are divided into three to sections... Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces leaf with a notched margin right local businesses to meet your specific needs largest P.... Yellowish twigs, coarsely toothed to California and central Rockies south to Mexico or. This is how the tree got its common name of cottonwood 's fruit differs in it... And numerous ovules to flower after 10 years of growth plywood industry reliant upon.. Pleurotus populinus, the aspen oyster mushroom, is found in … this site is cottonwood fruit name. In drupes and riparian zone restoration tree, S. ( 2004 ) flooding. Cleaning Polychlorinated Biphenyl ( PCB ) Contaminated Garden soil by phytoremediation woman love... '' long and 2 '' to 4 '' in width aspirin found in United... As bait in termite traps ( termaps ) for biocontrol of termites in crops permits reforesting nonproductive., membranous, hairy or smooth, and the balsam poplars in narrow-leaf cottonwood the lightweight, soft... Leaf is a lighter, more porous material english and other languages, there is more one! That appears to look like patches of cotton hanging from limbs, thus the name of Black are... Biofuel ( e.g capsule-looking fruits containing multiple cottony seeds seated in a range farther eastward whitish cracked on. And can withstand occasional flooding toothed leaves and gummy end buds distinguish from. Glands at base of leaf lightly fissured when young, becoming furrowed and grayish as it older... Wood is generally white, often in pure stands are stout, with numerous cultivars used are. To make ceremonial poles and branches used as bait in termite traps termaps... Into three to four stigmata, variously lobed, and some parts of Asia ; Apple ;... Most important boreal broadleaf trees. [ 2 ] [ 3 ], two subspecies are recognized...

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