how to send demos to record labels

Avoid ‘contact us’ forms if possible, these are notorious for being ignored and/or broken. Anything longer won’t get listened to. If you’ve been producing for 6 months, Monstercat isn’t going to sign you (unless you’re a god amongst men). Submit demo to Rexius Records and our collaboration labels here. Having great music is the essential part of a music producer’s career. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Follow up rules – OK to call? But when dealing with record labels, just having great music is not enough — you have to know how to properly pitch the labels. Approach labels that match your size and look at the artists they have already signed to see if that matches where you’re at. When sending out your demo, it needs to be of high quality. Make sure to check out our FREE eBook – 10 Tips For Promoting Your Music on a Budget. It’s okay to mention some other tracks or artists you like from the label, this shows you’re a fan of the label, which is always a good sign. Just checking in once more on those demos I sent. Just because one label rejects it, doesn’t mean another will. Ensure links are kept to a minimum. Some producers think that demo is a 1-minute cut from the full track, some others think it’s a work-in-progress preview. Let’s start with what NOT to do: DON’T. Oh, and it goes without saying – don’t send a label a demo if they specify they aren’t accepting them. Enjoy our blog? Of course if a record label, label head or label executive allows for demo submissions via social media then of course it fine for you to use that channel. Don’t send your music as an email attachment – this makes it hard for the receiver to listen conveniently and you might risk their email server rejecting the message. Hope you’re well! Here are a few email templates you can use, and why they work. You won’t survive in this industry. Spend some time online researching artists you consider to be similar to yourself and the labels that work with them. How do you know if your tracks are ready for release? Below are some top Dos and Don’ts to help with demo submissions. How to Get Music Bloggers To Reply To Your Email, Why social media is DEAD for music marketing (and…, How to Get Your Music Featured on a Spotify Playlist, 4 Pro Tips to Find Music Supervisors and Get Your…, How To Build Your Online Music Brand in 24 Hours. Being an active artist myself, I know how frustrating it can be to get a rejection or even no response. As a liquid DNB producer, this is my current pool: From this list, I might have anywhere between 1-5 labels that I might want to send tracks to. A bigger label might need 2-4 weeks. Also, ask for feedback, advice, and suggestions of other labels that may like your music. This instantly gives a feeling of a personalized demo sent specifically for this label. Send CDs, WAVs, or even MP3 downloads without first sending a stream. Familiarize yourself with those labels. Human language always wins. Here’s an approximate template that I use often when sending demos: To: [email protected]CC:BCC:Subject: I have some new tunes for you! Google ‘label demo submission’ or ‘label email’ to find it. Nothing is more awkward then saying that another label has signed it now. If you need to write good music, check out our courses and resources to get you going: I’m not kidding when I say I thought I had good music once upon a time. You are not limited to sending your music to the labels on DropTrack. THE GHOST PRODUCER PLATFORM THAT NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION. People see through automated emails, and for the love of God, don’t CC or BCC multiple people at once. Let’s fix that – here’s my guide to submitting demos that have the best chance of getting read and listened to, based on my 10 years of producing music and sending demos. What kind of music does that label release? Also, research artists that produce the same style of music as you and find what labels work with them. DropTrack provides a directory of record labels accepting demos here: You are not limited to sending your music to the labels on DropTrack. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where. Record labels do not want to receive your entire catalogue if they have never heard of you. Experiment with these yourself, as they can vary between people and circumstances, but they can often be the last 10% that means the difference between signing and no signing: Recommended: How To Get More Plays on Soundcloud. Unless you have been told differently by the label, don’t call. You can send a 2nd follow up as a ‘close off’ email, but wait a couple of weeks before emailing them a second time (depending on the size of the label. Do you have finished tracks and want to send a demo to record labels? So, what do these tips practically look like? Otherwise, if you don’t get a response, usually they aren’t interested. So, you might think that now’s the time to go off and send your demos. Are they DJs? When you send an email has a massive impact on whether it will get read. Do not even consider sending short demos or teasers. There’s no need to make the second one longer than a couple of lines, as the ‘RE’ in the title and the second email should usually get the point across. Every label has a different way of creating art so it’s best to leave this as a blank canvas. Don’t waste an A&R manager’s time with unfinished or poor quality tracks. Those are the best ways to share your music. Let them know what is happening with your music. Learn more about Producing Music with Ableton Live. If you’re at this stage, and you’ve got good music, for the right person and the right label, you’re 50% of the way there. DropTrack provides a directory of record labels accepting demos here: Record Labels Accepting Demos. 8. Keep it on the subject and to the point. Seek feedback from people whose opinion you value such as another music producer with experience. From my experience, I can suggest a few basic dos and don’ts to keep in mind when sending your demo to labels. We listen to all demos that are submitted to us, but please respect that we might take time to respond, due to many artists sending demos to us. Let’s clarify what the ‘demo’ actually means in the first place. If you’re unwilling to follow the directions that a label has set out for submitting tracks, this means something to the label manager. Probably not. OK to email? Search on all their social media platforms for contact email addresses. Submitting your tracks to labels with the hopes of getting a release isn’t easy. Many record labels specialize in a specific genre and style. Don’t follow up more than twice, otherwise, you’ll come across as annoying, and wait between. A good message might look look like this: Here’s a template you can duplicate in your own submissions: Never ever attach audio files to the email message. That’s why you’re here, right? A good photographer won’t show just a piece of his shots to the clients, saying something like “Well, you know, it’s a work-in-progress, but after Photoshop it will be better”. One of the biggest problems with sending music to labels? A number of formatting templates are available for you to personalise your email campaign and express your style as an artist. Drip: Label / Artist Fanclubs For The Future, Record Labels 101: Winning the Music Lottery.

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