knockshinnoch mine disaster

From Pathhead , 38-year-old James Houston perished in the heading alongside 48-year-old William Lee from the new houses at Dalhanna Drive and  Thomas Goudie Houston, 42-year-old from Burnside. With breathing equipment, the trapped men were able to make their way out of the mine safely, through the rescuers’ tunnel – and to the surface, where doctors and volunteers waited to receive the men. Drastic measures were required. Hi there. It was one of the worst disasters in Scotland's mining history yet somehow these 116 men were rescued from a coal mine which had collapsed while they were working hundreds of feet below ground. Fans and breathing equipment had to be sourced from throughout Scotland to make the rescue possible. A total of 87 sets of Siebe Gorman Salvus oxygen rebreathers (mainly from fire stations) were used to get the men out. Knockshinnoch is probably the most evocative name in the parish of New Cumnock and since 1950 the name often precedes the word ‘Disaster’. A fatal gas outburst | Collinsville mine disaster, BHP forms heritage body with Banjima native title holders. These Dunbars were a branch of the family that were the Barons of Cumnock with their baronial seat at Cumnock Castle, in the heart of what is now the village of New Cumnock. The NCB continued to invest in modern mechanised techniques at the pit. Most were eventually rescued three days later. The liquid matter, rushing down the steeply inclined the heading, continued to flow for some time and soon filled up a large number of existing and abandoned roadways as well as several working places, until it eventually cut off the two means of egress to the surface from the underground workings of the colliery.“, “There were 135 persons employed underground at the time. “The accident occurred about 7.30 p.m., whilst the afternoon shift was at work, on Thursday, 7th September, 1950, when a large volume of liquid peat or moss suddenly broke through from the surface into the No. Although he passed away in 1936 the company pushed on and three years later returned to the lands of Knockshinnoch to open the Seaforth Mine and then later sink the shaft of Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery on the site Knocksinnoch No. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The pit brought prosperity back to a local mining community that had been in decline. British Pathe News described this as "a truly remarkable story of how ordinary men worked tirelessly in a race against time and the forces of nature to achieve one of the most dramatic and remarkable rescues ever attempted."[1]. The miners were trapped down the pit, with the peat sludge fast approaching. ( Log Out /  Hello Siobhan, sorry I don’t have any photos. One was a fireman in charge of the district ; one was a shot-firer ; nine were coal getters employed at the face of three different working places, while the other two were concerned with the transport of coal from the district.”. COVID-19 & the healthcare workers – What are we learning? 13 red stones also stand at the site of the old mine to represent each of the men who were lost that day. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. The Knockshinnoch disaster was a mining accident that occurred in September 1950 in the village of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. 1684: Proclamation for apprehension of persons, PROUD EDWARD’S ARMY SENT HOMEWARD TO THINK AGAIN – FROM NEW CUMNOCK & BANNOCKBURN. 5 Heading section of the ‘Main coal’ seam in the South Boig district of the mine. Knockshinnoch house had replaced the now ruined tower as the home to the lairds of Knockshinnoch, a title the Logan family held for some time. A godsend for those that were not only constantly washing their menfolk in zinc baths in front of the fire but the pit-clothes coated in coal dust. News cameras descended on the mining community to share with a watching world the unfolding disaster and the grim realisation that 129 men were trapped underground. As the men remained trapped underground, rescue teams began to try and reach them before they were engulfed by the encroaching sludge or they were overcome by the rapidly deteriorating air quality and gas. Also lost in the heading was 56-year-old John Smith from the nearby Knockshinnoch Cottage and near neighbour 50-year-old James Martin Love  from the Leggate. A glaciated lake filled with liquid peat and moss flooded pit workings trapping more than a hundred miners underground. The liquid matter had come from a glaciated lake just below the surface. Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery in New Cumnock, east Ayrshire, was a deep-mine employing about seven hundred people. 5 Heading Section where the inrush began. 5 Heading (or Drift) was being driven towards the surface at a gradient of 1 in 2. Text © Copyright Robert Guthrie. 135 men were underground at the time. All Rights Reserved. ( Log Out /  A memorial has been erected in memory of the miners who died in the disaster, the worst in the history of Scottish mining. A telephone line to the surface remained intact, allowing the trapped miners to provide details of their location to their rescuers. 5 Heading which, was rising at a gradient of 1 in 2, had effected a holing at the outcrop of the seam beneath superficial deposits and had made contact with the base of a relatively large natural basin containing glacial materialand peat. The 13 missing men were all employed in or about the No. You must be very proud of him. Read more about our historic heritage, and how it has impacted on our present and future, by clicking here, Registered office:Leeming Lane SouthMansfield WoodhouseMansfieldNottsNG19 9AQ. A phone line remained intact and allowed the  trapped miners to stay in contact with the rescuers on the surface. 1684: Proclamation for apprehension of persons, PROUD EDWARD’S ARMY SENT HOMEWARD TO THINK AGAIN – FROM NEW CUMNOCK & BANNOCKBURN. After the collapse – colliery officials, rescue teams, firemen, and local volunteers gathered to find a way of rescuing the trapped miners. Efforts were made to locate them – but after days of searching, it had to be abandoned. On September 1950, a few weeks into the new season the Football Row fell quiet with news that John Irvine White of 2 Football Row and his near neighbour William McFarlane of 16 Football Row were two of the missing men. 5 Heading could not be reached. My maternal grandfather James Riddall (Speed) was trapped and my paternal grandfather Sam Cunningham was involved in the rescue party. Fire crews race to huge blaze at derelict building in Greenock. It was Burns’ great patron Catherine Gordon Stewart of Afton and Stair that played a huge part in the development of the New Cumnock Coalfield through her husband General Stewart who formed Afton Minerals to work the coal in and around Straid near Dalleagles.

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