once upon a time is rumpelstiltskin regina's father

("Nasty Habits"), Eventually, Rumplestiltskin's Dark One powers corrupt his mind, causing him to continually hurt people and seek more power for fear that he will not be able to protect Baelfire from his enemies otherwise. Weaver updates Rogers about the situation at the hospital before theorizing Eloise has made herself scarce in the wake of Victoria's death, however, Eloise shows up unexpectedly. He did mention holding Regina as a baby in 2.02. Emma pegs him as a suspect, but he denies any involvement. When he returns to the pawnshop, Belle pleads for him to lead her to the Snow Queen's hideout. Directly after, Rumplestiltskin takes on a new magic apprentice, Trish, though Regina cuts the lessons short by tearing out and crushing the girl's heart to prove to Rumplestiltskin she is ready for the dark arts. She proposes that, after this deal, they are now on the same team as allies. When he finally checks the severed hand, he discovers the bean is missing. Later, Mr. Gold sends Belle the key to the library and tells her she is welcome to stay in the caretaker's apartment upstairs. He admits it is this person's birthday—without using Baelfire's name—and expresses regrets for his own past actions that tore away their chance of happiness. Anastasia is fearful of her powers, but Weaver assures her that her magic can do good things, and in particular, he needs her help with healing Lucy. Mr. Gold eventually finds Hook's ship and boards it just as the pirate and Belle are having a confrontation. He reminds her, with annoyance on his part, that he gave her his curse to cast but instead she keeps coming to him everytime she is having other problems. The next day, he watches from a distance as his son and grandson play at the park. In the aftermath, Gideon is defeated by Emma and forced to retreat. Claiming that she needs him to keep up appearances, Mr. Gold later questions if that were so, it would make more sense if he is given a new shirt. Mr. Gold demands the door location, but August truthfully states he doesn't know. After locating the heart, Mr. Gold is holding it in his palm when Rumplestiltskin, a manifestation of his darker instincts, appears to entice him with the possibility of allowing Emma to die at Gideon's hands so that his own magic can reach unprecedented levels and he can have both love and power. There, he instructs Emma to draw a barrier using invisible chalk. There, Mr. Gold passes the town line with the shawl, enchanted with the potion, and begins saying goodbye to Belle when a gunshot is fired by Hook. At the execution, Rumplestiltskin and many other citizens gather to watch, but at the last moment, the Evil Queen is allowed to live on Snow White's orders. Victoria dryly congratulates him for that before chiding him for comparing his grief to hers as he has no idea what she's been through, however, Weaver asserts he does because he's known the longing for reunion and paid the cost for it. When Ivy and Gothel arrive after Victoria is gone, Weaver casually informs them they're just missed her. Mount Olympus[1]Seattle (formerly)New Enchanted Forest (formerly)His Edge of Realms house (formerly)His Storybrooke house (formerly)His cabin (formerly)New York City (formerly)Zelena's farmhouse (formerly)His castle (formerly)Underworld (formerly)His cell (formerly)His farm (formerly)Spinsters' cottage (formerly)His cottage (formerly) Before letting Mr. Gold walk off, Felix tosses him a doll figurine from Pan. He intends to bring Beowulf back to the village and reveal the truth to everyone, however, Beowulf mocks him for his naiveté, especially since the villagers are scared of him and likely won't believe him.

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