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Have feedback about Penn Course Alert? Filter classes by school requirements, credit units, and course type to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for. The evolving dominant structures for providing health care services, managed care and integrated delivery systems, and their approaches to quality management and reporting will be explored. This is supplemented with pharmacotherapy modules to meet program specific needs. Search PSU People Organ systems function and dysfunction from the level of the cell through integrated organ levels will be presented, and the genetic basis of disease will be discussed. Course content prepares students to examine statistical and clinical significance of research findings. The course is open to undergraduate nursing students as a case study & upper-level undergraduates and graduate students from across the Penn campus. Search Penn State Students must choose one of the following case study courses, which can be taken in either the fall or spring semester: This course will explore the cultural context of birth and the activities of women and professionals and/or attendants in meeting the health care needs of pregnant women. Students select from a variety of settings in which to refine their practice skills. This course prepares students to collaborate effectively with an interdisciplinary team in assessing patients and families, and planning and evaluating palliative and end of life care for diverse populations with progressive illness in multiple health care settings. The initiation of health promotion and health maintenance activities with individuals, groups and families is stressed. * Students must also add a Nursing Elective and a Free Elective. Extant theories will be critically analyzed and examined with respect to issues of health care access, health history, health promotion, and issues of equity and diversity from a life-course perspective. Compare metrics across all your mock schedules. You can even change the dates if you missed an exam date, need more time to prepare, or if one of the default plans isn’t exactly what you like. Students apply chance models in estimating confidence intervals of percentages and means, and in hypothesis testing. It addresses nursing phenomena of concern including the unique set of principles and body of knowledge and skills necessary to the practice of nursing with older adults. 20 hours a week of clinical experience with a preceptor is arranged. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Incoming first-year students who fulfill only part of the language requirement must take the remaining language courses and free elective(s). We offer B.S. Seamless syncing between devices means you can easily plan your schedule from anywhere, even on the go. This course focuses on primary care problems encountered by middle-aged and older adults and their families. Clinical and simulated experiences in community settings provide sufficient opportunities for clinical reasoning, clinical care and knowledge integration in community settings. Family » Curriculum. Using Donabedian’s construct of structure, process and outcomes, strategies to improve quality while containing or reducing costs are reviewed, including the contributions of clinical practice guidelines. It emphasizes the integration of knowledge from other disciplines and of nursing science as the basis for practice. This course also will highlight the relationships between and among members of the interprofessional team and families and patients. It examines systems thinking and complexity, development of a leadership role and skills, inter-professional communication and teamwork, and leading change in healthcare organizations. Claire M. Fagin Hall Emphasis is placed on the nurse as a knowledgeable provider of health care who is both a change agent and advocate. About. 418 Curie Boulevard Clinical experiences in acute care hospital units and simulation experiences provide opportunities for clinical reasoning, clinical care, and knowledge integration. This Catalog provides detailed information for current and prospective students about all academic programs at Penn as well as important policies and resources. It also explores women and infant’s health care and health promotion needs across the lifespan. Course content prepares students to appraise quantitative and qualitative research, and evaluate the scientific merit and clinical significance of research for translation into practice. The initiation of health promotion and health maintenance activities with individuals and groups is stressed. Students expand their research knowledge base provided in NURS 230 and NURS 547 through a structured individualized faculty mentored experience based on specific learning objectives. Evidence-based guidelines are examined and rated for strength of evidence and expert consensus using evidence grading systems and defined criteria. In the summer of 2019, the Faculty Senate approved curriculum changes for the College of Engineering's mechanical engineering program. These experiences also explore the place of the natural and social sciences and the arts and humanities in nursing practice. Get alerted when a course opens up. View the Common Core state standards in one convenient FREE app! Course content and assignments focus on the nurse’s role in addressing the complex assessment and responses to the psychosocial and spiritual concerns of patients and caregivers across the trajectory of advanced illness. Evidence-based guidelines are examined and rated for strength of evidence and expert consensus using evidence grading systems and defined criteria. Students interested in pursuing the ME_BS degree while completing med school requirements, please see the guide here. The course will also examine the role of cells and microbes in human health and infectious diseases. Penn Psychology professor Angela Duckworth Renowned Psychology professor Angela Duckworth will teach a new undergraduate course next spring focused on achieving long-term goals. Exception: If AP credit is awarded, the student may only need three additional language courses or free electives. (numbered WRIT 012 – 099), WRIT 011 – Writing Seminar in Global English, Advanced Placement (AP) Exam (offered in French, German, Latin, and Spanish). Students interested in pursuing the ME_BS degree while completing med school requirements, please see the. Below is the course of study for Family Nurse Practitioner. Interdisciplinary collaborative experiences will be essential to the clinical practicum. This course examines how nursing influences the health and healing capacities of individuals and families experiencing severe psychiatric distress. Global and Cultural Studies: Any course numbered 499 or below that provides breadth in an area of culture, cultural studies and interpretation including but not limited to current cultural traditions, folklore, literature in the original language and text that is not English, and any comparisons of literature and other cultural documents using contemporary sources. These experiences help the student to discover what is not known and what is subsequently necessary to know. In the lecture component, the focus is on the integration of knowledge and skill for nursing practice and develops the ability of students to see nursing practice as part of a complex system. The concepts of health promotion and health maintenance are integrated throughout the curriculum. This course is intended for students planning a career that involves primary health care delivery. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing,, Language Requirement (or free elective if level IV proficiency met), A Critical Writing Seminar in a variety of disciplines such as History, English, Anthropology, Folklore, etc. This course provides foundational content & a disciplined approach to innovation as it applies to health & healthcare. We also provide a plan of study for full time students, and two year and three year plans of study for part time students. Through classroom discussion and special project experience, the student will become familiar with the concept of health care quality and approaches to the measurement and management of quality. Understanding application of medical nutrition therapy are included through case analysis and field experiences. This is the first part of a two-semester course designed to provide a comprehensive study of the structure and function of the human body along with essential embryology and maturational physiology. Content and clinical experiences integrate developmental and role issues; policy, cultural and ethical considerations. This course considers how nursing influences the health and healing capacities of young and middle aged adults who experience functional status impairments as a result of serious illness or injury. About. It provides the tools needed to engage in collaborative community work and to give voice to the community’s strengths, needs, and goals. Histological and gross anatomical features of selected organ systems are related to the physiologic and biochemical mechanisms that enable the human body to maintain homeostasis.

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