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Instead, this incites anger between the not-so-happy couple with both recalling how the other gave a bad impression on their first meeting. With Belle, Emma, Hook and Regina, Mary Margaret ducks behind a building as the group brainstorm a solution. As they head to gather a special poppy dust to put Mary Margaret to sleep, a raven from Cora gives them a message. While they are talking, Kathryn comes up with a box of cranberry muffins, which she claims is David's favorite. Mary Margaret encourages Emma to accept, though the latter doesn't want to focus on other things since Henry's ordeal. At the station, Mary Margaret and David ask Emma to lock them into separate cells so they can't harm anyone while under the curse. They decide to let Aurora go back to sleep and stand guard over her. I doubt Mr. Glass will be making any further appearances on OUAT. Mary Margaret makes an attempt to escape, but is knocked unconscious by Mulan. They introduce Anton to the diner in an effort to make him feel at home. Finally, Mary Margaret and David announce they are naming their son after a true hero—Neal. Continuing on, they reach the old castle of Snow White and Prince Charming. In a bout of intense rage, Regina uses magic to physically shove Emma away. However, Mary Margaret states she is tired of always fighting, and wants a fresh start in Storybrooke. Her family arrive to help, but Emma accidentally collapses a streetlight. Leroy approaches Mary Margaret and Emma to ask, on behalf of himself and other dwarves, when they will be returning to the Enchanted Forest. Isn't that kind of sad though? ("7:15 A.M.", "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"), Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby all decide to have a girls' night out on Valentine's Day. Emma states that she owes Regina for helping them return to Storybrooke, and planned on telling her parents, but they were a little busy this afternoon. He proceeds to lash out at them, which Mary Margaret quickly stops by shooting an arrow at him. She offers her one last chance to do the right thing by choosing good over evil. At one point, Mary Margaret talks about her capacity for murder, such as when she killed Cora and was not sorry about it, which causes Anna to back off from the conversation. ("Breaking Glass"), Mary Margaret gathers with Belle, David, Henry, Hook, Mr. Gold and Regina where they watch a camera recording of a young Emma and her prior foster mother, who is none other than the Snow Queen herself. As a means to purposely avoid each other, Mary Margaret comes to the diner at seven forty-five in the morning when David suddenly walks in. Sidney asks her how she manages on accomplishing that, to which she replies that she will unleash the Dark Curse. ("Witch Hunt"), While David, Emma and Hook search the mayoral office for any evidence the Wicked Witch left behind and Regina keeps Henry company, Mary Margaret has a scheduled meeting with Zelena, who she wishes to take on as her midwife. While she, David, Hook and Neal fetch it from the convent nuns, Mary Margaret waits in the pawnshop. While he points out if anything goes wrong, Belle has their emergency numbers, Mary Margaret is unable to not worry about being apart from her son. Left alone with only Neal, Mary Margaret fiddles with the circuit buttons to no avail. Mary Margaret recognizes that Aurora is suffering from a side effect of the Sleeping Curse, which she herself went through at one time, but only says that the nightmares will go away in time. Can communicate with and understand the language of birds. Then, he leads them to a giant beanstalk stretching up into the sky, and explains there is an enchanted compass at the top, but first they must deal with the giant guarding it. ("Manhattan"), On her birthday, Mary Margaret suspiciously notices David making pancakes. Outside, Mary Margaret watches the two drive off in Sean's truck and runs into David. Mary Margaret and David leave them to it and briefly discuss the what-ifs had he been raised by King George rather than his twin, and then the topic turns to returning to the Enchanted Forest. Mary Margaret and her husband, along with Emma, accompany the Arendelle natives there. As they talk, Mary Margaret mentions Storybrooke is their home now since there is no way of getting back to their old land. ("That Still Small Voice"), On the night of David's discharge from the hospital, a homecoming party is held at his house, but Mary Margaret does not attend. Regardless, the citizens react in an uproar, which upsets the baby. Suddenly, a pulse of magic surrounds the town, breaking the Dark Curse, as memories from her former life return. Instead, Neal frees a young prisoner, Wendy, who lies about not knowing Henry. Mary Margaret reassures her, and they go to the debate, where Emma exposes Mr. Gold for the staged fire in the mayor's office. Most of all, he wants to go to Storybrooke to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin for taking away his hand. Ignoring her daughter's attempt to convince her to stop being mad at David, Mary Margaret cautions Emma to be careful while travelling with Hook and Neal since they both have feelings for her. Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. She happily coddles him in her arms to the point he stops crying; a feat which shocks Regina. Suddenly, the camp is attacked by Cora's army of heartless humans, and Emma and Mary Margaret defend themselves while Aurora and Mulan run off into the woods. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. As Archie walks off, Mary Margaret is left to contemplate his words. Under the liquid's influence, Mary Margaret feels agonizing pain from Regina and smells sardines in her surroundings. Without Aurora, they can't reach Henry, though Mary Margaret was once under the Sleeping Curse, too, so she is capable of travelling to the Netherworld under special circumstances. From hacking into the phone, he looks to be a normal person. August has given up on finding redemption, but she believes everyone deserves a second chance. David chases after her and admits that his life with Kathryn seems fake, but life with her seems real to him. ("Enter the Dragon"). Emma then walks off to be alone, to which Mary Margaret sadly considers her inability to comfort her own daughter. Source: https://twitter.com/quiethandfilms/status/263107196458520576, Imgur-Mirror: http://i.imgur.com/HeGjz.jpg. This leads her to conclude that he has feelings for the nun. When she mentions Henry's father, Neal, returning, August inquiries if he and Emma are together again. The dutiful midwife quickly arrives to calm her down, stating that it's normal for babies to move infrequently as the labor date nears, and offers orange juice. Mary Margaret reveals Cora, already pregnant with another man's child, was once engaged to Leopold, but Eva deliberately wrecked it. In a flurry of returned memories, Mary Margaret is stunned to remember it wasn't Zelena, but she herself who cast the new curse. David says he remembers his life with Kathryn and wants to work on his marriage. As they finish their time together, everyone sings along to a song to their babies. Mary Margaret's concern turns to shock upon seeing Emma has magically boiled Neal's bottle of milk. She makes him drop the heart and release Emma and Mary Margaret. Upon entering the sheriff department, she finds David unconscious after being previously knocked out by Hook. Since Henry wasn't born in the Enchanted Forest, he'll be alone, to which Regina asks Emma to leave town with him. Before going into her own cell, she tearfully relinquishes her son into Emma's care. The couple take Henry for the afternoon and attempt to prove to him that they are "cool" by letting the boy drive David's truck. Unable to open the door, Mr. Gold works his magic to unseal it. To prepare herself for a baby, Mary Margaret tries reading a child care book, but gives up and suggests to Henry that she take him to the town library. With a magic globe, Mr. Gold tracks the boy to Neverland.

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