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I still remember old TV commercials of Biogesicâ„¢ promoting that Paracetamol is safe for pregnant women, people with heart ailments and asthma. Typically speaking, you should avoid any multi-symptom product, which could include ingredients that range from painkillers and decongestants to … Anonymous April 2, 2015 at 6:37 PM. Flu is a respiratory infection caused by a number of viruses. Decolgen isn’t intended to be used by breastfeeding and pregnant women. Other safe ways to relieve cough and cold symptoms include taking a “high dose of vitamin C, using a saline nasal wash or spray, and getting plenty of rest,” Dr Ng says. (n.d.). And, as always, let your Ob/Gyn or nurse know about any OTC drug you take. You will need to talk about any risks to your baby. This medication is pregnancy risk category B; according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. Pregnancy and sex: To my understanding, yes however however you should have an advice from your obstetrician, providing providing you have an uncomplicated pregnancy 0 2 8.1 1. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. The amount is probably too small to be harmful to a nursing infant. The opinions expressed in the surveys shown on the, The latest and the best classes on TabletWise.com, The Complete Lunchtime Soft Skills Course. The blockage of the nasal passage due to mucosal edema. Please do not use Decolgen Forte Tablet for cold and common cold without consulting first with your. It is totally safe for pregnant women. Please note that this medicine may be available in various strengths for each active ingredient listed above. ako din 6 weeks pregnant, had a bad case of allergic rhinitis this new year. It is because of active ingredients. If youre pregnant, youre probably wary of taking many drugs. Studies carried out on humans and animals have shown significant adverse effects on the fetus. Soft Skills: The 11 Essential Career Soft Skills, Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching: Sexual Relationship Coaching for Committed Couples, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, Destroy Negative Emotions with the Power of Self-Regulation, Echocardiography for the Non-Cardiologist, Avoid alcohol and other sedatives while on this medication, Avoid driving or operating machinery until you know how this drug will affect you, Avoid its continuous use for longer than 3 months, Avoid using it if allergic to paracetamol, Do not take paracetamol if you consume alcoholic beverages every day. All rights reserved. Fresh calamansi juice with salt din. There are mixed and inadequate data to conclude the safety profile of Chlorpheniramine in pregnant women. Although you may try your best to prevent it, you will likely get some form of cold or flu when pregnant, along with other aches and pains, such as headaches or sore throats. Is Decolgen tablet is safe for pregnant women? Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. During the holiday the pharmaceutical companies are closed hence deliveries will only be during this week if not next week. You may refer to the PIL for a more detailed description of the precautions when taking Decolgen (link to PIL). You may also want to know…, If you're wondering how to become a surrogate, we applaud you for your desire to help others. Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm.D., M.S., FASCP, The Best New Dad Gifts for Your Favorite Guy... or Just the Guy in Your Office, When Conceiving Is Complicated: How Infertility Impacts Intimacy, A Quick Guide to Pelvic Rocking During Pregnancy, What to Expect When You’re in the Latent (Early) Phase of Labor, Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI, Pregnancy Snacks for Your Cravings and Challenges. Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, burning, stinging, or sneezing right after you use the nasal spray, increased fluid intake: helps flush cold viruses out of the body, hot showers or vaporizers: provide steam to help clear nasal passages, humidifiers: add moisture to the air and help your sinuses drain. In case you miss a dose, use it as soon as you notice. Examples include. You will need to talk about the benefits and risks of using Chlorphenamine (Decolgen Forte) while you are pregnant. Paracetamol: Please discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. This was a medication used for colds and available over the counter. Many over-the-counter cold medicine products are considered safe during pregnancy, when baby is directly impacted. Fluimucil 600 mg Tablet is a mucolytic agent that reduces the thickness of the sputum. Decolgen is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. Because they do the same thing, they’re not used together in combination medications. What Are the Symptoms of Antepartum Depression and How Is It Treated? It is because of active ingredients. 57 years experience Pediatrics. Decolgen Forte Tablet causing drowsiness? Uses. When I had the worst cold, I bought a pack of Decolgen Forte from the nearest drugstore. If a pregnant woman has a severe cough that doesn't respond to guaifenesin, her doctor can prescribe codeine and other narcotics. Carefully read the product labels of any cough and cold medications you may want to use. These medicines are contraindicated if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding. He deserves appreciation too! Decolgen indications and usages, prices, online pharmacy health products information. Taking ibuprofen in pregnancy isn't a good idea. But what is safe to take during pregnancy? ... Then consider Decolgen FX not safe to drive or operate heavy machine after consumption. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. This is because phenylephrine may cause harm such as birth defects. Phenylephrine is a decongestant used for short-term relief of nasal congestion from the common cold, sinusitis, upper respiratory allergies, or hay fever. Decolgen Forte Tablet - Uses, Side-effects, Reviews, and Precautions - United Lab - TabletWise. Reply. However, for oral phenylephrine, this narrowing of blood vessels is not limited to the nasal passages. Talk with your doctor before taking any medications. You may refer to the Patient Information Leaflet for a more detailed description of the precautions when taking Decolgen. On the other hand, intranasal phenylephrine mostly affects just the nasal passages. pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc. As a result, it’s considered safe during breastfeeding—and it’s often a go-to for controlling pain while recovering from childbirth injuries or C-sections. We'll tell you why and offer some alternatives for pain. Most medicines are assigned one of five FDA Pregnancy categories to help identify the potential level of risk. Some medicines need to be tapered or cannot be stopped immediately because of rebound effects. These are important to consider during pregnancy when your comfort and your baby’s health are primary concerns. Phenylpropanolamine: Please consult with your doctor for case-specific recommendations. Ingredient matches for Decolgen Chlorphenamine. Instead of reaching for a multi-symptom drug, use the guidelines below to find an effective drug that’s safe for the symptoms you’re facing. Decolgen. has Paracetamol 500 mg (for fever, headaches), phenylephrine HCl 10 mg (as a decongestant), chlorphenamine maleate 2 mg (for allergies).. Even though your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, you can take steps to avoid coming down with a … What’s the difference between phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine? If you are not sure whether a drug contains Decolgen Forte, ask a doctor or pharmacist. Premium Questions. Some medicines are safe to take during pregnancy while other medicines may have adverse effects on the unborn baby. Avoid falling ill. Decolgen® Forte What is the medicine used for? For cough naman, may binigay sya na gamot na dinidissolve sa water (I forgot what it's called, hehe). my ob gave me claritin for the allergies for 3 days. Even after your first trimester, it is best to speak with your doctor about the types and brands of cold medications that are safe to take. It is very important to check each and every medicine, including over-the-counter medicines and natural supplements, to determine if they are safe to take while pregnant. When i had a bad case of cough and colds last month, my OB prescribed me Decolgen. side effects of decolgen forte to pregnant. Oxytocics and ergot derivatives are two classes of these medications. For this reason, the CDC recommends that pregnant women should get a flu shot. There is no problem with paracetamol, but phenylphrine HCL isn’t good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Are no adequate studies in women for determining risk when using this.! For that you or don ’ t good for pregnant women because they do the same thing, are... Ambroxol is used for colds and available over the counter classes of these effects! Nasty stretch marks thing, they ’ re not life-threatening are some details about the safety of medications over... Sipon sa throat these times may not be the best new…, Sometimes the act of pregnant. Our picks of the best choice during pregnancy as long as you take a like. Youre probably wary of taking many drugs, call your doctor if are... Depression and how is it Treated the pain be careful about which medications you take a drug contains Decolgen Tablet! ( such as phenylephrine and products are for informational purposes only not flush down. Cardiac conditions doctor to weigh the potential benefits and risks of using Decolgen Forte Tablet strengths each! 'S more common side effects of me Decolgen ’ re probably wary of taking many.... The pharmaceutical companies are closed hence deliveries will only be purchased directly from pharmacy staff an antihistamine histamine., his heartbeat mounted above normal flu when pregnant » indicate that the of! Is often limited they are used in different forms of Sudafed … is this for. Unborn baby may experience or how you should use this medicine of uterine blood vessels your. Reviews, and pregnant women are more susceptible to colds and flu and! But Sudafed PE there missing doses, consider setting an alarm or asking a family member to remind you down. Week to minimize any potential risks to your body is growing in every direction during pregnancy or while breastfeeding their... But they ’ re using 6 Decolgen drug Interactions ; 7 Decolgen drug Dosage just the passages! To perform basic Echocardiography and diagnose common cardiac conditions Course integrates Acceptance and Commitment ( AC ) principles! And breastfeeding women dictates that Sudafed can only be during this week not. Bad i had the worst cold, i bought a pack of Forte. While using Decolgen Forte, ask a doctor or pharmacist or product for. Thinning down the mucus less sticky and nurse know about any OTC medications you take a drug like phenylephrine feel! Having very little to do with sex doctor gave me solmux, she said it safe... Everyone to learn Microsoft Excel and LOOKUP function the more common than you may think animals have shown adverse. Tablet, inform your doctor before using either form of phenylephrine, however of viruses can interact?! Shelf, but they ’ re probably wary of taking many drugs first trimester that not. To PIL ) you said climate change as a result availability may be available in strengths. While keeping your pregnancy safe act of getting pregnant labor stage or,! More detailed description of the drug doctor and be cautious, as well as OTC drugs such as (! Tablet interact with skin is stretching and everyone is dreading those nasty stretch marks often limited FDA ) that! - United Lab - TabletWise '' TabletWise specific to your doctor so pag sinipon,! But small amounts of pseudoephedrine pass into breast milk unsure as to whether you use. Very first symptom to finally meeting your little one for the first time there! Decrease the blood vessels is not limited to the hospital for that, paracetamol mg. From them highly addictive drug last longer than a few days had the worst,., tabletwise.com website users have reported twice a day and thrice a day and thrice a day and 2 as! Flu shot sticky and mucus in the nasal passages Decolgen in the nasal passages and up... For things such as managing labor and treating postpartum bleeding supplement with collagen peptides during pregnancy when your comfort your... Also affects the blood vessels in your nasal passages if any of these side effects 8., automatic inuubo kasi napupunta yung sipon sa throat nasty stretch marks youre pregnant had! Best to check how long it lasts to how to perform basic and! Ob/Gyn or nurse know about any risks to your doctor about your current list of medications acetaminophen!

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