thai dessert recipes

Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. This easy dessert is so tropical and scrumptious tasting, you'll want to make it the next time you're entertaining guests. We'd describe it as a little like strawberry shortbread except with the tropical taste of mango—a perfect summer treat. Mango Layer Cake—the Perfect Summer Cake. This special dessert recipe is beautiful to serve, plus easy to make and healthy too. This Mango Custard is a delicious treat and a terrific way to enjoy fresh mangoes now that they're in season. Find recipes for sticky rice with mango, bananas with coconut milk, and so much more. This snack is often found on street vendor carts on the streets of Thailand (though I've grown accustomed to my mom's flavor over the years). It's also gluten-free. Here I've simplified the process while keeping the original taste. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. In Thailand cakes like this are served at all the big hotels where chefs add ornamental garnishes prepared with fresh mango and coconut. You can either steam it in a square baking tin, in individual foil cups or do it the traditional way, in banana leaves. This gourmet dessert is very tropical tasting, yet also light and healthy, which makes it an excellent dessert to serve after a heavy barbecue. The great thing about this recipe is that it does not require careful steaming, it is a sure-fire success every time. Wonderfully tropical tasting, plus healthy too! The combination of sticky rice with fresh mango and a sweet coconut sauce is a heady taste experience that can send you straight to mango heaven. If you're planning a cookout or bbq, this simple Thai dessert makes for a sweet ending to your party. My mom had something similar to this in a Thai restaurant and started searching for a similar recipe. Makes a beautiful dessert to serve company or to scoop up in a cone on a hot summer day. Thai desserts do not get more rustic and simple than this. It is easy enough to make yourself. Pandan-flavored dough balls are stuffed with a coconut filling to make a hearty and exciting dessert. It also makes an elegant dessert to serve guests or take to a party. Great after a chicken curry meal. This is a very rustic, sweet, and hearty porridge. This is a Thai version of the classic creme caramel … Just drizzle this over vanilla ice cream for a treat that will wow your friends and family. The dish is more often known as 'Goreng Pisang' in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and surrounding countries. Tropical Fruit Salad Served in a Pineapple. The following recipe hails from Bangkok and includes fresh ripe mangoes, a touch of cardamom, plus coconut milk (instead of dairy cream). Makes a great dessert any night of the week, and you can whip it up and have it in the oven in just 15 minutes. Enjoy. The fresh mango is optional - you'll find this tapioca pudding delicious without it too. Enjoy! These Thai delights are naturally low in fat and calories while remaining high in flavor, texture, and taste. This easy dessert only takes 5 minutes to make. But don't be deceived by its simplicity - the taste is so wonderfully sweet that I find it addictive! Enjoy. You can cool the cake and cut it into squares to serve at a later time - it is the perfect snack! This Thai recipe for mango pudding is very delicious - like the mango puddings you get at dim sum. Tapioca is healthy and gluten-free and makes a refreshingly cool treat on a warm day. It makes a beautiful dessert to serve, and it's truly fantastic to eat. It starts with slices of fresh star fruit (instructions on how to buy and prepare star fruit are included). Try this fantastically easy recipe for mango sorbet. Topped with a drizzle of coconut milk, this light and delicious dessert is beautiful to serve and lovely to eat. Here's a dessert recipe that's quick & easy, healthy, gluten-free and vegan, and yummy too. This sorbet is creamier than most, halfway between sorbet and ice cream, but still light and full of mango flavor.

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