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Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains first strike until end of turn. Enchanted creature has “{T}: Target creature can’t block this turn”. Moonsilver Spear 4 Card Number: 145. This was later realized to be idioctic). An 8/8 for 5 that pumps another creature? It’s a card I have a lot to say about! It sneaks in under Mana Leak/Negate and can just Sudden Impact the control player once or twice to pretty much own the game. But you’re getting something for nothing, aren’t you? Sadly, there’s not a whole lot for 2 or less to return. Just sayin. Instant Uncommon Well…it’s kinda like removal. I respond to this in two ways: first of all, I have seen judges enroll people who had DCI numbers but were not participating in an event into the event just to officially DQ them. Worst case scenario, this is mediocre in limited. Multicolour, Artifacts, and Lands. We’ll split the difference and call it 13. 7/7, When I saw Avacyn spoiled, I thought she would be the new reanimate target of choice. Of course, people had the option of speaking anonymously in the live stream chat, so they chose to do so and to say awful and disgusting things. Sorcery Rare Midnight Duelist w I will now go through the article and tear it a new asshole, because it is the stupidest pile of shit I have ever read, and Gathering Magic should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it. Aggravate 3rr Creature – Human Warrior Uncommon Nontoken creatures you control enter the battlefield as a copy of enchanted creature. Instant When Cathedral Sanctifier enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life. Yawgmoth’s Bargain is banned, and this guy is just Yawgmoth’s Bargain as your general. Finding exactly what I want and cropping it properly has proven to be a bigger problem than I thought, and is still a work in process. Much of that time was spent compulsively making sure I had the proper quantities of each rarity, colour, and card type. Not a huge fan in limited, although there will be decks that will want this for sure. They slap that thing down turn 6 and then BOOM! There’s the whole list of course, but you can also view specific rarities if you don’t want to look at what you might consider “random limited garbage”. He is also likely to have a very impressive collection of cards. Creature – Human Scout Uncommon A lot of the cards I really could’ve gone either way with, but it was important to me for some of the cards to have different names and it seemed it would look better if they all had new names instead of a few (although there are 3 cards which kept their original name, because they were already perfect). This guy and the untap soulbond or the rare that untaps or just a couple of these and mill can happen very quickly. The household names. In fact, it’s such a good idea that WotC already started doing it years ago. And multiples are awesome, not dead. 3/5. Corpse Traders 3b Regenerate it. Look, we’re talking krakens and dreadnoughts for earings. In the real world, she’s terrible until October, and probably then too. Had to happen I suppose, and it’s fine. As long as ~ is paired with another creature, both creatures get +1+1 4/1. Too slow for limited or constructed, and too stupid for EDH. Contributions to the game: These are the unseen masses that more competitive players aren’t even aware exist. Worst case scenario you can just pick them back up for the same price you sold them for being the ban announcement, but I expect at least Brainstorm and probably others have finally reached the end of their tenure in Legacy. You’re in the wrong set, asshole. Creature – Elemental Rare Artifact – Equipment Uncommon There are countless articles about it and how detrimental it is to the game we all love.

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