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Lincolnshire Airfields No.33 North Coates. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Circuits: GA - 1000ft QFE Microlight - 700ft QFE All circuits left hand (unless Aerobatic Box is active to SE, when no overhead joins allowed. When it’s finished it will have a big new club lounge, aircraft operations and Air/Ground radio. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I take my photographs within a single tight circuit and then we’re back down again and it’s time to say my goodbyes. I have fond memories of Wickenby, because I used to enter aerobatics competitions there in the 1990s. You can now take ownership of your card, and update the details whenever necessary. He has been flying for over thirty years and currently manages around 200 hours a year, two-thirds of it on business. Wickenby Airfield owner, Gerald Cooper, has been flying competitively since 2000 and has gradually worked his way to a world ranking of 7th place, and is the current British number one unlimited pilot. Please keep your home airfields updated for the benefit of visiting pilots. I’ve been back to Wickenby a few times over the years, including once for a Pilot Flight Test of the Zlin 242 that was for hire here and once for an airfield profile. Other than that, just use common sense. Sturgate, where I was based, didn’t have any hangar space, so I’ve brought it here.”. This could be the “best” flight planning tool for free on the web with your help. Pilots take up children suffering with a terminal illness for a passenger flight.” I remember that I still haven’t interviewed either Malcolm Howland or Steve Trafford properly. When I say I dropped down to land, I mean it literally; descending 700 feet on short final in a series of steep turning sideslips. Wickenby Airfield already hosts a number of successful aviation companies and we are always keen to welcome new aviation related businesses. The taxiways − and three additional hangars − have just had planning approval. Wickenby Aerodrome (ICAO: EGNW) is an airport 8 NM (15 km; 9.2 mi) nautical miles north-east of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.. Wickenby Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P882) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee (Wickenby Aerodrome LLP). UK registered Spanish built Veteran ,Vintage & Warbird. Taylorcraft / Auster / Beagle /Scottish Aviation. 4th ... AvGas. Please avoid over flying villages to NW, NNE and E of the airfield. It has two Cessnas, two Thrusters, one flexwing microlight and about 150 members. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. UK registered No.4 French built vintage & warbird. The takeoff isn’t vertical like the R22’s, but the Thruster lifts off after such a short run that it almost is. “Fun, but a challenge,” he says, “it was my dream to make it a thriving GA airfield that’s also in good shape financially and we’re just about there.” He was living nearby in 2005 when he heard that Wickenby was for sale. After this we’re going on to Boston; they’re great too. The maintenance business is part of One Sky Ltd, as is also a small production line making Thrusters to order. He is flying an Extreme Air XA-41, which Ed says is more capable, but a lot more tricky to fly, than an Extra 300L. It was announced at AeroExpo today that a new fuel supplier, Warter Aviation UK, is already importing avgas into the UK, with a strategy in place that should result in lower prices at the pumps. (For instance he briefs me on what will happen if the engine fails on takeoff.) However, my main impression is that this is an aviator’s airfield, as against the kind where shirts have epaulettes and the dream is to fly airliners. The cathedral town of Lincoln is only eight miles away, but the airfield is in open countryside. Jim is thirty hours into a helicopter PPL, though not at Wickenby, and is currently saving up to continue the course. I have a coffee and KitKat wondering when my brain is going to get into gear. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Click here for more, Your email address will not be published. She’s going to serve customers every other weekend, her Mum and best friend’s aunt work here and yes, she does like aeroplanes, “But I’ve only been in the big ones to go on holiday”. As I climb stiffly out of the Nipper, the scene that greets me is a bit like stepping back in time. I flew one of these delightful two-seat, three-axis microlights recently for a Pilot Flight Test and was impressed by its handling and rugged construction. It would have bought him a half hour in one of the club C152s, but he’s an hour late (stuck in traffic) and both Cessnas are in use now. 5 Gloster Javelin, UK – Cold War Survivors – No.6 DH Sea Vixen, UK – Cold War survivors No.7 E.E. Sturgate – Lincoln Aero Club – Breakfast Patrol & Fly-in 3rd Feb 2019. Find the perfect wickenby airfield stock photo. Steve is also involved in farming in Central and Eastern Europe. The aerobatic training has started outside; there’s no mistaking the rising howl and throttled-back grumble of an overworked Lycoming. Cockpit Fest – Newark Air Museum 23rd June 2019. Fortunately, he’s modest and friendly: a thoroughly likeable chap, in fact. Nowadays I’m more like the reformed alcoholic watching someone down a double and order another − I remember the hangovers. ‘Pie & Fly’ Fly- in at Fenland 9th November 2019. Remarks. It’s an hour and a quarter transit from my airstrip, passing Gransden and Conington and then north into less familiar country.

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