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GAYY is for all the Aalto University LGBTQIA+-orientated and -curious students. We arrange open-for-all events with the Pride spirit, the biggest one being the famous Otaniemi GayDay.
In addition to fabulous parties, we also arrange excursions and other shenanigans. Join as a member to the most open, joyful and proud organization of Aalto University!
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GAYY Board 2024
Chair — Liza Sidorova
Secretary — Eeti Ahola
Treasurer — Anita Taskinen
Communications — Sonia Sellin
Master of Kaappi — Annti Lammi
Advocate — Meeri Palokangas
Host — Adrian Suvisaari
Host — Janne Kousa
GAYY ry 🏳️‍🌈 2023